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Dhoni : The Phenomenon that Graced Indian Cricket

A full stop marks the beginning of a new endeavour, dawn of a new course. However this realisation may dwell upon the Indian cricket fans with a slight deferment. With MS Dhoni hanging his boots, it puts an end to the stirring round of speculations regarding his retirement. It was sooner than later to come

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Resume- The Dos and The Don'ts

Here's are a set of tips to make a resume that would catch anyone's eye.

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SOCIAL MEDIA- Making the 'Demons' our 'Pets'

Can social media be put to the advantage of Gen-Z?

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Placement Talks

Zeal society has organized their first event on placement talks . The session was conducted on Google meet. Seniors from the third year, who have already got internship in very reputed companies joined the meeting as guest speakers

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When Zeal went from a team to a family, it was time to welcome one and all.

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Weekly Sessions- BT Chapter

Peer learning at its best happens when the groups are small and the ice melts between speakers.

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Weekly Sessions- EE Chapter

A good engineer needs to make it happen and show how it happened too, and for this, they need just the right kind of communication.

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A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language. This event brought out a set of wonderful poets and ones with a voice and a take on many issues worth discussing.

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Speak, for it empowers you! Speak, for it enlightens others!

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Let's debate the right way. A parliamentary debate brings in facts and demands the best of etiquette from every speaker. This test of diplomacy was put into action.

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